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Linux Notebooks

Yes, you can run linux on your notebook

Are you tired of paying the Microsoft Tax for running windows?  Want the convenience of using a free OS on your laptop computer?  Maybe you have an older PC that you want to give new life to.  Whatever the reason, running LInux on your laptop or notebook PC is a great way to save money and be more productive.

Here are some resources to get you started.


Hardware - If you have a portable PC, chances are, someone has already successfully installed Linux on it and has made some notes for you to follow.  Look here for information on your specific hardware and what the experience of others has been.

Web Sites - Here you will find thousands of links to individual success stories of installing linux on laptop and notebook computers.

Another item to consider is the distribution of linux that you want to run on your portable PC.  There are hundreds of distributions of linux, which can make the choice confusing.  Here are a few distributions that are common and run well on laptops:

1.  Fedora Linux

2.  Ubuntu Linux

3.  Suse Linux